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Tapasya  literally "produced by heat", refers to a personal endeavor of discipline, undertaken to achieve a goal. One who undertakes tapas is a Tapasvin. The fire deity of Hinduism, Agni, is central to many Hindu rituals such as yajna and homa. Agni is considered an agent of heat, of sexual energy, of incubation; Agni is considered a great tapasvin.

Tapas ("heat") refers to spiritual practices including deep meditation, reasoned self-discipline  and effort to achieve self-realization.

In the Vedas literature of Hinduism, fusion words based on tapas are widely used to expound several spiritual concepts that develop through heat or inner energy, such as meditation, any process to reach special observations and insights, the spiritual ecstasy of tapasya, even warmth of sexual intimacy.

Tapasya, is also the name of the father of Manyu in the Rigveda. Tapasya is part of a stage of life, called brahmacharya - a monk or nun like celibate lifestyle. At the mind and spirit level, meditative tapas involves focusing upon the Supreme Brahman - the central principles of reality and universe.Tapasya is an ongoing learning process during all four stages of life. In Jainism, Tapa means control on desires.


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