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Yakshini Sadhana

Yakshini Sadhna

The sacred text of tantra in hindu mythology describes about the presence of yaksha and yakshinis as one of the gana's in Kuber Lok.

Yakshini sadhana is one of the tantrik rituals and sadhnas that makes every thing possible in one's life. Various yantra and mantra recitation are prescribed for their worship by the tantriks to attain various types of sidhis and for materialistic gain. Yakshini's are very powerful and their sadhana involves danger or risk therefore their tantrik rituals according to vamtantra must be done under the guidance of a the spiritual tantrik guru only. One should always be dikshit in atleast one of the dusmahavidya by vamtantra and should have successfully completed the sadhana before proceeding with yakshini sadhana so that he is safe and protected and success reaches him easily. Successful completion of yakshini sadhana gives blessings and desirable material to the sadhak. Yakshini sadhana tantra ritual if tried with full faith makes new and righteous approach to source of wealth and power on their own and also bestows the individual with wisdom to utilise the power and wealth in the right manner. A vamtantra sadhak who is positively inclined uses these benefits to motivate people and for the benefit of mankind.

Pradhan Yakshini Mantra

“Om Aeeng Hareeng Shreeng Dhan Dhan Dhan Kuru Kuru Swaha”

Under a peepal tree this mantra be recited for 10000 times and completed in a week time.

Maha Lakshmi Yakshini Mantra

“Om Hareeng Kaleeng Mahalakshmay Namah”


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