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Safety Tips

Safety Tips is an online Advertising portal for the astrologers and pandits for posting free ads. We read some of the complaints on net regarding the undue charging from the clients for pooja path or Upaaye. The purpose of this website is to give the right astrologer to the public by compiling the astrologers worldwide on a single platform.

We can not take the liabilty of the astrologers/ advertisers in our site.There is no definite way to identify the fraudulent person.

Here are some safety tips:

1. For astrology services you can use the Helpline

2. Check the website of the advertiser.

3. Talk to the person on phone and check his knowledge in astrology

4. Do not pay immediately.

5. You can ask him for his identity by showing the ID proof.

6. ID proof will stop him using the wrong name.

7. Check the address is proper in his ad or on his website.




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