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Que. How to post Ad in


Step.1. Use Button Post Free ADS

Step. 2. Select Category

Step. 3. Select Sub Category

Step.4. Fill the form and then Finish

Que: Is Advertising in Free?.

Ans. Yes, Advertising in is Free. But you can use the premium ad options also.

Que: How to use Premium ad options?

Ans. When you post the free ad you will get the message that your ad posted and below this message, you will see the option to convert your ads to premium ad. But for side wall ads you have to negotiate with the management. So call the Helpline Number

Que. How to become member of Panel of Astrologers of

Ans. To become the member of Panel of Astrologers of, you are to send your profile, experience, and your any writeup or report made for any client to This is the sole discetion of management to select for Panel of Astrologers. This is a paid option.

Que. How to View Ads?

Ans. To View ads click any Category in Ad Category and you can view ads sub category wise also.

Que. Do You Allow Backlink to our website in Free ads?

Ans. Yes

Que. Do you allow ad of non astrologers?

Ans. Initially it was decided to allow only astrologers. But, now we have made one more category Others where any business can post the ad and we will add sub categories while approving ads before publishing it.


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