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Join our Panel of Astrologers

Why Join Our Panel of Astrologers? is an online advertising portal for astrologers, pandits for posting free ads alongwith some premium ads. We have loaded the site with astro -reading material for the visitors and we have asigned the script writers for regularly posting the astrology material to make this a complete astrolgy website.

Panel of Astrologer

We are making a panel of astrologers, vastu consultants, pandits to provide the telephone consultation to our clients. This option is paid option and the particular astrologer can write his/ her consultation fee. We will publish the price on the the particular page of that astrologer. Our software will charge the amount and fix the time with the client and send the mail to astrologer and the client about the appointment. 

The astrologers who want to join our 'panel of astrologers ', have to pay a nominal annual fee. The major portion of the consultation fee would go to the astrologer.

Qualification of the Astrologers to join the Panel: We are charging the astrologer for joining our panel doesn't mean that any one can join our panel of astrologers by paying the site charges. Our experts will examine the documents, education, experience of the astrologer. Address Proof/ aadhar card/ ID card must be submitted to the appointing team.


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