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Monthly Horoscope

Aries JULY 2017
July is a promising month for you. This is the time to shine out as Sun is illuminating your house of communication. Expect to feel a lot more confident and courageous when dealing with others. You will just wow with your words. Planets afford you with an active and energetic persona and it is time to put your energy to some use. A lot of planning and strategies will be part of your daily agendas this month and you will use your intelligence efficiently but your IQ may not help much in love matters as Rahu, the dragon’s head is playing with your mind there.
Spiritual inclination would promote mental peace and you may spend a lot of time and money towards such pursuits this month. In fact, a religious trip is also on the cards! Family life would be mostly peaceful but caution is advised towards the end of the month when many planets join in the domestic sector of your horoscope. Pregnant women should be more careful after 16th July in terms of health.
Financial progress is also expected with Venus hovering over your wealth house but it might be time to cut down extravagance. You will invest a lot of thought into how to increase your income. In fact, July is likely to bring some unexpected opportunities on the financial front. Overall, you will have a comfortable lifestyle and a steadier period ahead.  
Career:  With Jupiter transiting in your house of service, you will attract more rewards even with fewer efforts. Boss would be highly encouraging and supportive. Your work will be valued and more recognition will come your way. If you were looking for a change lately, desired job will knock your door anytime now. Chances of preferment to a better position are there too. It seems foreign relations and contacts will be highly rewarding in terms of professional success. In terms of business, you will see positive trends in this time, but it would be better to hold plans to launch something new. 
Love and Marriage: Involvement in a new relationship would be refreshing. Be ready for a proposal during this month as someone is head over heels in love with you. Existing love relationships could convert into marriage at this time. That said, don't let any confusion sneak into your relationship and deal with it in a timely manner. July is a positive phase for married folks. Your spouse will likely earn respect and gains at work. You will spend a lot of quality time together which will boost your understanding. However, keep away from extra marital interests to avoid issues later. 
Money and Finance: Time to hit the jackpot as July brings promise of unexpected gains from speculation! You will shine in share market/lottery but caution is advised. Cash flow would be sufficient and you will be able to clear any pending debts. In fact, you might also attract some new sources of income. Fields like beauty, arts, acting, and design could be monetarily rewarding for you this month. And with this, earning from foreign sources is also indicated. However, you should be careful to not lend money to others without legal paperwork. 
Children and Students: Some misunderstanding might take place with children around this time. That said, they would do well in studies. Their health though demands more attention in the second half of the month. 
If you are a student, you will garner interest in subjects like psychology, spirituality, and research. A hefty expense on studies is expected after 16th July.  It could be due to your study abroad endeavors as well. However, be careful in terms of your health. 
Health and Family: Health seems to be going downhill; you need to particularly careful of stomach and skin related disorders. Persistent headache could also keep you troubled so don't stress out and take ample rest. Family life would remain peaceful and prosperous. You could expect a lot of support from siblings and friends around this time. Your relationship with immediate family will remain sweet and pleasant. However, some differences with father might take place. That said, July is the time to enjoy the festivities, as a celebration/occasion is likely to take place at home. 
July is a gentle reminder from the cosmos to bring back order and discipline in your life. Some mental distress and over-thinking may persist and you might have to work a bit too harder, but at the end, July is going to be a rewarding month. Venus is giving you pleasant vibes and you are in the mood to ease off. But be warned, the month ahead could be hectic due to a lot of travels, both for business and leisure. Despite being keen, you may not be able to spend much time with loved ones. That said, it’s time to pack your bags as a luxurious foreign holiday could happen!
Change of place is expected too, which might keep you a lot busier. However, Rahu, the planet of worldly desires, could disrupt your property related interactions & deals so be careful in the second half of the month. In the work sector, you would observe more competition and opposition but you will be able to topple all and progress, as long as you keep your language in check. Spiritual inclination would increase. Overall, this is a positive period; you just need to be more structured. 
Career: Transfer or job change is in the pipeline this month or work may keep you on the go. Some obstacles might block your way but your coworkers would help when you feel stuck. However, it might be the time to build a more positive work relationship with the boss. Seniors could give you a tough time.
Planets are creating possibility of a raise but you might face a lot of hurdles as fortune is not in favor. Your negotiation skills might come handy now. Business growth would be satisfactory and you might have to travel a lot. New projects could come up but it’s not time yet to start off anything new. After a couple of months, you could get the star support in this matter. Also, try to avoid confrontations and disputes during this month. 
Love and Marriage: You might garner love interest in someone at work. Romance is in the air it seems. If you are already in a relationship, things will improve a lot. Both of you will flourish and meet each other’s desires. If you were worried, whether your family would approve the match or not, expect a positive response. If married, you would feel closer to your partner and share more compassion and love. Domestic life would be idyllic but criticism or negative comments could disrupt the bliss. To maintain harmony, you should treat your partner with respect and love.
Money and Finance: Your efforts would bring decent profits if you are in business. Some property related decisions would also bring gains. You may also earn from foreign sources this month. It seems you have the blessing of cosmos in money matters and your intellect will also support you. This could be a great time to get rid of any financial baggage like debts. Your brother and friends would be your backbone in building a clean financial slate this month. Any long-term investments in share market or jewelry would prove lucrative at this time. However, delay is expected in acquisition of ancestral property. 
Children and Students: Position of Jupiter suggests that it might be the time to regulate your children's lifestyle and habits as some health issues could strike. Studies also need more concentration. That said, you would enjoy a positive bond with them. If you are a student, this is the time to work harder. You might get a chance to get involved in a research project. Your dream to study abroad may also materialize this month. Seniors would likely help you with notes and tutorials. 
Health and Family:  Health demands attention as some liver or stomach related issues might disturb you. Your mother may also feel low on the health front so take care. Relocation is possible which could keep family life hyperactive. You might feel a lot busy this month and stress levels could be high due to health issues of a family member. Some misunderstandings could take place at home which need to be resolved. On a positive note, you might get to travel with loved ones in July. Keep caution in driving though.
The mantra for you this month is to "be yourself". With Sun making its annual visit into your sign, this is the right time to prioritize your needs and launch into projects where your bubbly personality can shine out. As the month goes by, your speech will become even more effective and commanding. July will be a smooth sail as long as you don't turn dominating and demanding. Your energy level should be superb, use it to build on any fresh ideas you might have. It's likely that you will have some incredible money spinning ideas after 11th July. Rahu, the dragon's head is boosting your desire and courage, you will not be afraid of taking risks now. Your relentless efforts would get you new opportunities on the work front. However, be warned, as haste could be detrimental too. 
As said, this is the best time to earn name and fame and be recognized for your achievements. Lifestyle will be comfortable and luxurious. You’ll be spending a lot of time with friends this month and travel is also anticipated. However, you could go overboard so keep expenses in check. Domestic life is expected to be peaceful at large, but with possibility of some minor issues. Matters to do with ancestral property might not get resolved yet. But all and all, you'll have a comfortable month ahead.  
Career: This month promises a more positive atmosphere at work. You will command respect but expect responsibilities to increase as well. That said, your boss is likely to support you well this month. If you were looking for a job, July brings good prospects for you. Don't hesitate to take help of friends in your job hunt. Bonding with coworkers would improve, both on professional as well as personal level. They may also help you plan an occasion at home. Career advancement in terms of pay and position is expected. In business matters, you will see that partnerships prove rewarding. This is a great time to expand your business abroad or actively work with foreign associates and clients.  
Love and Marriage: If you have feelings for someone special, now is the time to put your emotions into words. If you are in a relationship already, avoid any disputes with your partner to maintain stability. You might get a chance to introduce your loved one to your family after 16th July. With this, romantic travel is also indicated but you might want to control your anger around partner while travelling or it could spoil the bliss. 
If married, spouse would contribute a lot into your business or work area at this time, but you also need to take care of their health to make the most of these possibilities. Chances of a long journey are also strong.  
Money and Finance: Cash flow would be satisfactory this month. Money could roll in from past investments in speculative markets. On top of that, fields like law, finance, beauty, tourism etc would attract more money for you this month. This is also a great time to clear outstanding dues and debts. If you were waiting for loan approval, expect to hear good news anytime now. However, expenses would be a tad higher than usual. You could spend frivolously on decorative items, furnishings, entertainment, jewelry etc. Loss through siblings is also possible so be very careful after 16th July. 
Children and Students: Your relationship with children would be pleasant. This is a good time for them in extra-curricular involvement and achievements. They may invest a lot of time into how they look and are perceived. You as a student would also spend a lot towards enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and hanging around with friends. On a positive note, you will get to study the subject of your choice. Opportunities to study abroad will be present too.
Health and Family: Problems related to the chest area and heart might persist so it's more important than ever to be careful and eat right. Father's health could be a matter of concern for you this month and there could be issues concerning ancestral property too. But on a general note, family life would be fulfilling. While you might have some dispute or misunderstanding with younger siblings, elder siblings would be very supportive. A family get-together or reunion is also on the cards, which will help resolve past clashes and bring you all together again. Mother would encourage such efforts. 
This month will recharge your batteries, as Mars will move into your house of self within the first few days. This is the right time to come out of your shell. But be warned, you could turn a bit aggressive and egoistic too, especially after 16th July when Sun joins in. Mind your anger before it controls your mind. If you keep this one thing as a beacon, July will be a lot pleasant for you. 
Matters concerning wealth demand caution, as sudden loss or profit could be there. You might strike an opportunity to buy a house, but exercise caution. That said, fortune is by your side this month so expect some strokes of luck. Planets are aligned in a way to bring victory over enemies and support from all sides, especially your father. People will look up to you as your social image will improve. However, some mental pressure is expected as well. Spending time in a religious place could be comforting. 
Career: As a senior, you will not take a 'no' for an answer and would become very assertive. If you haven’t secured a senior position yet, this month could bring some good news on that front. Coworkers would render much support. Workload could shoot up this month but delegation is the key to manage it efficiently. You will build a better relationship with boss as well who would be happy to help out. This also seems to be a good time to go into business and give shape to your ideas. However, do not make commitments and deals that you can't fulfill on time. Disputes with business partner could take place. Make sure to sort things out before you have to part ways.  
Love and Marriage: The desperate you are for an answer, the longer your love interest will make you wait. This is the time to have patience. Existing relationships will flourish around this time. Love sector has pleasant vibes overall. Go for a long drive or plan a surprise for your lover. All these gestures would make your bond even stronger. If anticipating wedding bells, you might have to wait a bit longer. With spouse, you need to be more considerate and polite or things could take an ugly turn. Avoid confrontations and criticism as it could affect happiness. On a positive note, passion and desires would likely shoot up during this month. 
Money and Finance: Money matters seem promising with chances of profit in the property sector. You may spend on material comforts or expect closing on your new home. Financial support could come from father. July is also promising if you were looking for funds for your business launch and expansion. This is also a good time to clear debts. However, sudden expenditure is possible too so better be cautious.
Children and Students: Your relationship with children will have a period of growth spurt. While they could be a bit lazy this month, performance in studies would be satisfactory. They may also get recognition and award in sports. All and all, you could expect to hear a good news from them and feel proud. 
If you are a student, you will feel a lot energetic but the tendency to procrastinate may still persist. Performance in competitions will be good but you should make sure to not spend too much time and money in friends circle and comforts. 
Health and Family: Exertion and physical stress may drag you down this month but overall you will feel active and energetic having good stamina. That said, some eye related issue could strike. 
Lifestyle would be comfortable but eventful. Expect to host house guests often this month, which will keep you busier at home. Domestic life would be calm mostly but some confusion could cause friction. Travels would also be frequent. A religious trip with family or an auspicious occasion might take place so plan well.
July is the month when you will take your life goals very seriously and would be somewhat obsessed. You seem to have a lot of energy and drive to get the ball rolling. And to top it all, financial support would be available, further making things easier. This seems to be a positive month in terms of earning prospects. You might attract new income from foreign sources around this time. Planets will boost your intellect, but it might take a lot of effort to channelize your mind into a productive direction.
Your actions might be driven by a strong sense of competition and personal interests. Heightened desires would make it difficult to take the wisest decisions. Mental pressure will also increase alongside. Some push and pull may be felt in family relationships too. This is the time to 'take it slow'. Make this phrase the beacon for this month because planets command you to control anger and avoid carelessness. A little patience will help you make the most of the coming days.  
Career: You might feel a bit tensed and directionless in career matters. Lack of support from coworkers is expected, so try to be self-reliant. On a positive note, seniors will be impressed and supportive. In fact, if you push your potential a bit further, you could also move up the ranks this month. Else, July is also a positive month to change your job. In business, you will actively initiate new deals and projects. The money and resources you put into business will pay off well. However, don’t trust others blindly and also avoid borrowing money for business purposes at this time.
Love and Marriage: If single, you might enter into a new relationship this month but to give it the right start, you should keep negative thoughts at bay. Give a lot of trust and time to your love partner. For existing relationships, this is the season for love to blossom. Planets indicate a wonderful social life ahead so make sure to participate together socially. If married, some old wounds and issues of the past could raise head again and trouble your domestic harmony. Keep confusion out of the equation and deal with such issues together as a team. 
Money and Finance: This is not the best time to apply for a loan as you might experience delay. On the bright side, July is the perfect time to plough money into investments. Income prospects also seem promising and you can expect an easy cash flow ahead. Share market and long-term investments would bring good returns at this point. On the other hand, some expenses are also possible, but mostly over spiritual pursuits. 
Children and Students: Health of children demands your attention. At the same time, this may also affect their concentration level in studies. That said, you would build a warm connection with your children. Lifestyle would also remain comfortable. You will achieve success in your education related endeavors if studying. There is a need to be more cautious in terms of health though. Spiritual involvement would help you concentrate better. 
Health and Family: Except minor issue related to stomach, you will have a positive state of health. Also, beware of symptoms of an old ailment cropping up. Family life would be satisfactory and there will be a lot of warmth, love and peace. And an auspicious occasion is also expected to take place at home, filling the aura with positivity. However, your relationship with father may hit a rough patch. His health could downgrade too so better take care and resolve issues.
July 2017 is going to be an average but eventful month. There is a lot on your plate. As the month kicks off, you will feel some level of relief, especially in property matters. Presence of benefic Jupiter with Moon is urging you to spend time in spiritual places and seek inner peace. Your thoughts would become more philosophical at this time. Support from parents would keep you motivated in July 2017. As the month progresses, you might find that your courage will get a boost post 11th July when Mars transits sign. The period thereafter is also positive for participation in physically demanding activities and sports. 
As the second half of the month commences, your expenses might shoot up. An old court case might also reopen or an old enemy may start troubling you again. That said, you have the blessings of luck throughout and also courage to fight off challenges and strike opponents down. Use it to your advantage. 
Career: Some changes are expected on the work front. You might feel pressured or you may have to travel for work. A job change cannot be negated either. Coworkers would work against your favor but thankfully, you have the support of seniors to get you through this demanding time. This is the period when you should try to polish your bond with seniors so as to attract a promotion or pay hike. For business expansion, the period after 4th July is promising, especially if monetary transactions are involved. The period until 16th July is also favorable to garner profit from foreign sources and projects. Thereafter, you might want to be a bit more careful in terms of payments. 
Love and Marriage: It is important to spend time together to keep the sparks of love alive. This is the best time to practice some good old dating rituals like going out and exchanging gifts. If an argument seems to flare up, make sure to be calm and curb it as soon as possible. This isn’t the most opportune time to propose either. If married, you could expect ample support from spouse, even financial. Married life would remain cordial and peaceful, with increasing romance and love. A promising travel with spouse is also indicated.
Money and Finance: July shows positive income trends and any efforts to acquire and earn through new sources will pay off. This could be your time to shine if you are into media, writing or other creative fields. Planets suggest that you should avoid borrowing money at this point. Inflow of cash would be sufficient and you would spend to create a comfortable lifestyle for yourself. Expenses on ornaments and clothing could increase during this time. Expect some shopping trips too. If looking to invest in share market, planets are yet not giving a green signal so better wait for some while. 
Children and Students: Children may feel lethargic and build tendency to procrastinate. Delay in completing notes and learning would affect studies. Your relationship may also suffer but Jupiter's aspect would bring some relief. If you are a student planning to study abroad, expect some hindrances in the process. You will need a lot of concentration to perform well. If you continue to work hard, you will get the desired field for higher education. 
Health and Family: Health seems to be on the right track but you might want to exercise care with your eyes and legs. You are also suggested to apply caution while driving. On the domestic front, pleasant vibes prevail in family along with possibility of financial and moral support from parents. Siblings may also move up the ladder at work. Any conflicts concerning ancestral property will come to an end now. However, you might have some dispute with younger siblings that should be avoided. Overall, domestic atmosphere remains peaceful. In fact, a spiritual activity may also take place. 
This month, you are likely to make the best use of your balancing skills in stabilizing income and expenses. The focus would remain on improving savings. Career and business matters would take precedence this month. July also promises possibility of sudden gains, so be on the lookout. You might get an unexpected luxurious asset or item. A foreign trip also seems to be on the cards for you. However, delay is expected if you were looking to buy a house or vehicle. 
It seems income prospects would remain satisfactory throughout. Planets are fueling your desires and at the same time affording you with a lot of energy and positive health to fulfill them as well. This is a good time volunteer and do good to others. This will offer a lot of satisfaction to you.  All is not rosy however. You might want to ensure that you are able to fulfill commitments before making them. Otherwise, you may have to deviate from your word. Any health issue should also be taken care of in a timely manner. 
Career: A long-awaited promotion might knock the door or you will get the much desired pay hike. Your reputation and recognition will increase at work. Chances of landing foreign projects are there too. Business will be profitable at this time but there might be high competition in the market. Your enthusiasm to start a new venture will pay off well in the second half of the month. At the same time, you need to be very cautious in sowing your money into the new business. Partnership activities also demand caution starting from 11th July. 
Love and Marriage: Your tendency to comment and criticize could distance you from partner. You should not force your feelings on your partner. It would pay well to be considerate of his or her emotions. If you are single and like someone, don’t hesitate to voice out your love. Planets will give you much confidence and candidness. You might not get an immediate positive response but keep your hopes alive. Until then, celebrate the feeling of being in love. 
If married, some cracks are possible in your smooth relationship due to recurrent disputes. Travel would definitely help fill this gap with feeling of love. On a positive note, you two might get into a business together. Spouse may show more involvement with their family at this point and this is certainly not a matter that you should be fighting about. Health of spouse could tumble after 11th July so take care.
Money and Finance: Financial opportunities abound this month and sudden stokes of luck are expected in money matters. While possibility of income from share market or speculation is there, it might not prove to be the most lucrative step considering the long-term savings prospects. You might spend a lot on renovation and infrastructure this month. This could also be due to the change of residence. July also brings possibility of getting a new source of income. If considering investments, property sector may prove fruitful for you. This is also a good time to get rid of past loans and apply for new ones.
Children and Students: Children may encounter some obstacles in their education. Their mind may waver and be prone to distractions at this time. On the positive front, bond with you would become stronger. Together, you will spend wonderful time and create memories. Students might reconsider their choice of subject now. Your application for education loan for higher studies would get approved. However, refrain from spending too much at this time.
Health and Family: July will bring a lot of respite in health matters. A chronic disease troubling you for long would begin to subside. From 11th July onwards, you need to be a bit more careful in terms of your dietary habits. Overall, you will be energetic and vigorous. Home will work as a perfect retreat for you. Pleasant vibes in the domestic environment would keep you happy. However, some issue might occur in family during the period until 11th July and to overpower these challenges, you will need to keep your speech in control. Mother’s health could keep you worried.
If you are feeling a bit heavy-hearted and pressured, this is the time to calm down and relax. Throw all those mental worries out of the window and let the past be past. Look at the future prospects now that seem very promising, especially when it comes to income this month. While your will power and stamina may not support much this month, you should not surrender to these challenges. The taskmaster Saturn is urging you to work harder for your goals. 
Stars indicate a foreign trip this month and it seems travelling abroad would work wonders for your mind as well. Indulgence in artistic & creative pursuits will also be rewarding. Despite lack of decision-making ability, you will do well on the financial front. In fact, there is a possibility of sudden profits too. The planet of fortune is giving a push to your luck quotient. It seems money would find a way to come to you no matter what. However, you should act upon such opportunities in time. 
Career: There may be confusion and hyperactive atmosphere at work but this isn’t the time to quit your job. In fact, this period could pave the way to a promotion if used well. Your boss and seniors will render much support. Chances of getting a new job are bleak, especially after 11th July. It might be good to continue working where you are. In business, travel is indicated. After 16th July, some misunderstanding could create issues with clients but if you handle the matter with patience, things will settle eventually. It would be good to consult your business partner in key decisions. 
Love and Marriage: July is an amazing time to express or reciprocate your feelings in love. Possibilities of romance would keep the vibes pleasant. You might get to make your relationship official with parents' blessings. Married life would also remain satisfactory during this time. You will get a lot of support from life partner and spend ample time together. Spoiler alert: spouse may be planning a surprise for you. On a different note, their health could tumble so take care. 
Money and Finance: Any long-term saving plan you have invested in or past investments in share market would pay good returns now. New investments made for long term this month would also be profitable. You might also invest in your children's name. July is also a positive month to clear outstanding debt and you should refrain from taking new loans at this time. The month promises recurrent gains and positive income flow and alongside, spending on religious pursuits might take place too. Your younger siblings might need financial assistance this month and you may come forward to help. 
Children and Students: Academic as well as extracurricular progress of your children would be remarkable. They will try to be more logical and innovative in their ideas and approach. Your relationship with them will also improve. 
As a student, you would also feel more confident and invest more efforts and concentration towards studies. Admission in a foreign university is also indicated. At the same time, expenses would be under control. However, double mindedness and distraction is possible so caution is advised. It would be good to spend less time in social media. 
Health and Family: Overall, your state of health is expected to be average this month. On a mental level, you might feel pressured and tensed. Blood pressure related issues could also strike. And during the period after 11th July, you should exercise caution against a possible injury. Family would be cordial and you would observe a stronger bond with all. Siblings and friends would act as your backbone. Elder sibling may also get promoted during this month. However, health of mother demands attention. If any short trip is planned, you might experience delay.
As the month begins, you are a powerhouse of energy, bright and commanding like the Sun, that is aspecting your ascendant. The same energy may not be felt in the way you communicate. While you will speak less, what you do will be more relevant. Luck will support well during the first half of the month. However, after 16th July, you should exercise care in all sorts of activities. Energy level may also be somewhat low in the latter half of July. Ketu, the dragon's tail is likely to keep you on the go frequently throughout so be prepared. 
Your desires will mushroom and manifest. What you want will come easy to you. And not out of luck, but your sheer ability to focus on the goals and push past your comfort zone. You will command a lot of respect in society at this time. It seems a lot of your time will go into expanding business and career endeavors. At the same time, domestic environment would be conducive. Creative spark will also fire up, giving you an innovative approach and ideas. All this will help you take charge in life but certain issues could flare up that you need to be careful about. 
Career: Despite confusion, your career related dreams would come true, whether it's a job change, pay hike or promotion. Colleagues will work in harmony with you and chances of a trip with them are there as well. You will outshine opponents and gain a lot of profit in business too. After 11th July, a foreign deal might manifest but you need to be self-reliant. Trusting someone else could backfire as well. The period after 16th July demands caution. 
Love and Marriage: For singles, this is the time to mingle and pour your heart out. A great month for love partnerships but you need to be a bit more receptive and a good listener to your partner. The period after 11th July is the time to be careful or there could be distance or break in your relationship. To keep your love life stable, you should keep ego out of the equation. Married folks would observe more love and understanding. In fact, spouse's achievements at work would further spread happiness. At times, spouse could behave egoistic while you might garner interest out of wedlock. These possibilities should be curbed by spending more time together and sorting things out. 
Money and Finance: Financial progress is indicated this month. While income and gains would be sufficient, you may still feel a bit pressured in terms of fulfilling monetary requirements. This is not a good time to lend money. If you have to deposit money to your bank, it would be better to do it yourself and not trust anyone else. Considering investments, it would be a good idea to consult seniors. Real estate sale and purchase would be profitable at this time, but you may also spend extensively on new home, vehicle and material comforts. 
Children and Students: You may like to encircle 11 July. As starting from this date, you would have to focus more on children’s academic progress. Planets demand more efforts in studies but at the same time, you should pay attention to their health as well. Children would like spending on lifestyle enhancement too. If you are a student, it might be a good idea to follow a strict routine in studies. After a holiday, you may not garner immediate interest in studying as some tensions could keep you troubled. In higher studies, you need to work harder to achieve desired results. 
Health and Family: While expenses on health are indicated, there is no bad news in store. It would be in your best interest to take any precautionary measures and be careful when on the road. Workload could take a toll on your mental peace and shoot up stress. Take it easy, only take up work that you can handle. Family happiness is expected and you might get happy news from maternal relatives. Elder siblings would be very supportive. Father's health could be low so be watchful. At home, a spiritual occasion may take place or you may visit a religious place with your mother. 
You could expect a good month ahead. Your service sector is energized this month, giving you a can-do attitude. This is a good time to finish projects piling up on your desk and bring your work life back to order. Energy level will be at peak in the second half of the month. Any desires that you had to sideline in the past would b fulfilled now. You will focus a lot on entertainment & hobbies too. In fact, you would work towards self-improvement as well. Love matters also seem pleasant.
That said, expenses might shoot up unexpectedly and you might feel a bit baffled in this area. On a positive note, you will have the confidence to deal with such matters. While you will be quick-witted, the tendency to comment irrelevantly could backfire so mind your tongue. To put this into perspective, Sun-Mars combination can be burning and since it’s visiting your marriage sector, you need to be particularly polite to your partner. This is a good time for spiritual pursuits and religious travels to revive your soul. 
Career: Salary prospects seem promising this month. It seems you will enjoy doing your work. While seniors may have some attitude issues in the beginning, eventually, they will favor you. If you were looking for a new job, July is a good period for change as well. You may also garner love interest in someone at work. If you are into a business in partnership, be careful this month as there could be ego issues with partner after 16 July. A female in your life may help start a new venture too. However, it would be better to consult your father in such matters. New opportunities from abroad may open up for you. Some irritation may persist but if you keep yourself occupied with work, you will do fine.
Love and Marriage: If you are single, expect a proposal this month. New relationships will get stronger and there will be plenty of romantic dates to keep the novelty and playfulness alive. Existing relationships may tumble due to attraction to opposite sex. If married, you should take good care of spouse as the period after 16 July could see a sudden health issue raking up. This is a good time to take your spouse for a romantic and relaxing trip. At the same time, you should be more polite when speaking to them. 
Money and Finance: While income prospects seem good, some fluctuation will be there due to Saturn effect. On the whole, you will see positive trends. Any real estate investments done in the past would render profit now. This is also a good time to invest in speculation for long term. Your expenses may also increase though, especially towards a foreign trip or virtuous pursuits and charity. Issues specific to ancestral property may spike up too.
Children and Students: While children would invest a lot of time and efforts into social life, studies would occupy equal importance. They might get desired field to choose as well. If you are a student, you will also get much-awaited opportunities and admission in a reputed institution. Parents and teachers would encourage you a lot and you may also realize your dream of studying abroad. Expenses might be a tad too high though.
Health and Family: Sudden fall in state of health is expected this month and you may also feel some irritation. However, you will manage it well. Relationship with father would flourish at this time and you could expect a lot of support from him. However, there is a need to work on your relation with siblings. Some tension concerning your elder siblings might keep you troubled after 11 July. On a positive note, you may get a chance to meet some old friend and have a good time. Possibility of spiritual travel is there as well.
July seems to be a promising phase for you. You will have a mysterious, deep and serious personality this month. It won’t be easy to understand you. Like a vessel, you will contain a lot in your mind. At the same time, you have a charge in your life and desire to pursue passions with Sun hovering over your house of creativity. The most promising aspect of your life this month would be family happiness. Atmosphere at home is expected to be pleasant. You may also carry out a home renovation. However, issues are possible in the work sector, discussed in detailed later. 
You might spend on fulfilling a long-due project or desire. Old property related disputes would get untangled now and you will have some clarity. On a mental level though, expect to feel a bit confused this month. It might be a good idea to postpone any life-defining decisions for now. You may particularly waver in making choices during the period after 11th July. Someone at home might suddenly fall ill, which could create a lot of tension. Make sure to take good care of loved ones. This is a good time to practice social work and travel to religious places for solace. Ketu, the dragon's tail will anyways keep you on the move. 
Career:  Mark 11 July for your energy level may fall thereafter. It would be good to prioritize important meetings, discussions and project deadlines before that period. Any switch in career should also be avoided after this date. You might want to make efforts to keep your energy and focus intact. Seniors seem highly in favor and may also recommend you during appraisal. Vigilance and efforts towards maintaining cordiality with colleagues will also pay off well. If in business, this is not a good time to indulge in new ventures. It is possible that you may have to struggle or experience delay in completing a project. Avoid indulging in business or deals with friends.  
Love and Marriage: Your expectation may not coincide with your partner and this could trigger frustration. Love partner may be in need of financial assistance at this time. Positively, committed relationships could turn into marriage too. If single, you should avoid indulging in new relationship at this point. Married folks should keep anger away or else, there could be issues with spouse. The period after 16th July may be particularly crucial as disputes with spouse may flare up and could also involve some expenditure. Unless you maintain a positive behavior with spouse, married life could be strained. 
Money and Finance: Financial assistance is expected from spouse and this is also a good time to reap profit of your past investments. Share market and real estate investments would be lucrative at this time. You will make serious efforts towards paying off pending loans & apply for new and the period before 16 July is more promising for that. However, expenses will also rise due to fascination with procuring decorative items. You may have to unexpectedly spend on a family member too.  
Children and Students: Children may suffer on the health front. Expect study related and medical expenses to be on the rise. They may feel overconfident and aggressive which could push success away. You as a student should also avoid being arrogant concerning your performance in competitions and exams. It would be good to push your potential and work harder. Also, keep expenses in control and seek guidance and tuitions when necessary. 
Health and Family: Anxiety may turn out to be your biggest foe this month. Some blood pressure issue could strike as well. On the domestic front, there will be harmony. Father and siblings would be very supportive. If you were planning a foreign trip with family, expect some delay. Health of a family member could be worrying. A dispute concerning ancestral property may raise head but resolution is imminent too. 
This month is more about you and your family. It seems you will invest a lot of time into exploring your passions and hobbies too. Your energy will be directed towards creative self-expression. Overall, it's a growth-oriented period with Jupiter making a connection with the first house. It is also a good time to explore your spiritual interests, occult sciences and for in-depth research. While your people and atmosphere around  you will be constructive, it is home where you will feel most appreciated and confident, just make sure that you don’t become dominating with your loved ones. Since Venus is fusing all the sugariness to your communication sector, there is not much to worry about. You will be ready to go out of the way to help others. 
It seems planets support you well in terms of disputes and court cases.  If you make efforts, you may also get an ancestral property. While fortune is dropping plenty of opportunities in your lap, you won't taste success unless you get up and work hard. Saturn, the taskmaster is there to ensure that discipline precedes luck so expect some delay or obstacles in fulfilling your dreams. Overall, you will feel confident and energetic throughout the month. The biggest concern for this month would be your increasing expenses. 
Career: Some issues at work may trigger the need for change. Confusion with colleagues is also possible while at the same time, seniors may also find fault in the work that you have done long before. It might be a good idea to push thoughts of job change out of the mind. If in business, this could be a great time to start a venture in partnership. While you will get plenty of orders and opportunities at first, profits may slow down eventually. Some losses are imminent so be careful. This is also a good time to start a passive source of income, like a side business. 
Love and Marriage: You will grow your bond stronger, fuse more love into the relationship and spend enough time together. If single, you might fall for someone. Don’t hesitate or wait in voicing out your feelings. Married folks will observe more harmony and also settle past disputes. Spouse may have some ego issues but you need to be calm and composed, handle matters with maturity. Those looking to get married can expect a good news. 
Money and Finance: If you were expecting someone to return the money you lent, expect further delay. Transactions in business demand caution as possibility of loss is there. You will work out ways to get rid of past debt, which is good. However, if are seeking a new loan, avoid after 16th July. Expenses will keep mounting, especially on luxury, enjoyment and short travel. 
Children and Students: Children might feel physically weak during the period after 11 July. Anxiety may also persist while studies demand more efforts and focus. On a positive note, bonding with parents will improve. As a student, you should pay attention to your health and also keep away from confrontations and disputes. You will have a great competitive spirit, whether it’s sports or academic achievements. But make sure that you don’t waste your energy into frivolous activities and social involvement. 
Health and Family: You may feel a bit confused regarding your state of health. It will be difficult to diagnose your issue. Heart is an area that you need to pay serious attention to. In family, you may feel some emotional distance with loved ones, primarily due to workload. But on the other hand, good news from siblings is expected. The period after 11 July calls for a more cautious approach in family matters.
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