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Uses of Tantra


Tantra can be acted broadly in three methods:

1. Worship of deities and to do all actions connected with them.

2. Siddhis of worldly affairs and sioddhis of objects pertaining to spirits.

3. Actions to attain siddhi for earthy, exotic and worldly articles and affairs which are popular and conventional.

The above 2 methods are further devided in ten parts as in mantra shakti. These parts include the specific methods which are used in tantra.

1. Maaran: To inflict Death

2. Mohan: To fascinate, win, captivate, charm, or to enchant others.

3. Stambhan: means to put obstruction, stppage, hinderance, to stop others to do any action against you also includes astrigency, a stapefying state or the arrow of cupid.

4. Videshan ; Means to deal with the enmity, hatered, wickedness and contempt.

5. Uchchatan: To separate, to uproot, to create indifference. to bring distraction in man or woman's the help of incantation.

6. Vashikaran: is a common word which means to enchant others. This also includes conjuration, glamour or bewitchment.

7. Akarshan: This term Denotes to attract, to charm, to draw one to you., a power to attract, charm and manetise others.

8. Indrajal: To deal with corrupt practices, like deceit, charming etc. by worship of lord Indra.

9. Yakshini Sadhna: Yakshini is aDevi or deity. The method to do siddhi of Yakshini to attain the fulfilment of desires and worldly affairs.

10. Rasayan: To deal with medicines for cure of diseases, through tantric way.

Maaran, Mohan , Stambhan


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