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Sunela Gem Stone

Sunela Gem Stone

In Vedic Astrology, Citrine strengthens Jupiter (Brihaspati) and is the rashi ratna for Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meen). In Western Astrology, it is the birthstone for Sagittarius sun sign. Sunela (Citrine) stone is worn as substitute (up ratna) for Yellow Sapphire. Wearing Citrine gemstone brings wealth, respect, status, good decision making skills, familial concord and good health to the wearer.
Procedure or method of wearing Sunela stone or Citrine stone :
Firstly, you need to enquire with an experienced astrologer whether Sunela suits you or not
If it does not suit you, then you must drop the idea of wearing it because in that case it can cause negative effects in your life
The right time to buy a Citrine stone during a Thursday in Shukla Paksha
If you can’t purchase it during Shukla Paksha, then the second best time to buy this stone is when the nakshatra is Pushya, Vishakha, Punarvasu or Purva Bhadrapad
Citrine should be set in a gold ring, wherein the stone comes in direct contact with the skin
To get maximum benefits out of wearing Sunela or citrine stone, it needs to be worn on the right hand’s index finger
The ring is required to be worn only in the early morning
You need to sit and face East, North or Northeast direction while initiating the process of wearing it
Take cow’s raw milk and keep your ring immersed in it
The next step is to wash the ring with holy water of Ganga or the water kept in a copper pot for overnight
Draw Jupiter Yantra on a yellow cloth and keep your ring onto it and then wear it
The best day to wear this gemstone is Tuesday, before sunrise
When embellished in jewelry items, Sunela stone must weigh at least 6 carats
Always bear in mind that cheap gemstones or fake imitations may cause malefic results.
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