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Rahu in Aquarius

Rahu in Aquarius
Rahu is a friend to the ruling planet of Aquarius, i.e, Saturn. Hence, with Rahu in Aquarius, it would bring a shadow planet in a contented appearance. Therefore, Rahu in Aquarius will have positive effects on the people of Aquarius sign. People with this placement usually have humanitarian qualities. They are usually detached and separated from material desires and a materialistic world. People with Rahu in Aquarius are visionaries. They are also philosophical and carry a creative blend in their attitude. People with Rahu in Aquarius are sociable and they are able to make good friends. They are usually quite active when it comes to social networking.
People with Rahu in Aquarius are usually very flexible. They could move ahead in any direction and can be usually seen promoting others’ point of views rather than sticking to their own opinion like a stubborn person. However, they do this only when they can see some reasons of their self interest. People with Rahu in Aquarius are usually very peaceful and want to avoid conflicts at all costs. Such people are usually benevolent, faithful and sincere, and will be fortunate in their affections.
People with Rahu in Aquarius have support of many friends who will help them with progress. Such people may join politics or lead some other group because of their inclination towards leadership. This position mitigates the evil influence which other planetary aspects may exert over marriage and the stability of wedlock. In the third decanate of Aquarius, especially, the lofty and noble sentiments of the native will procure for him universal esteem and love.
People  with Rahu in Aquarius are usually very spiritual. This is because this placement shows the path of spiritual progress is the pathway of service to the group, through an understanding of the unity of all life. Such a person will always be involved with some activities that target the society and not just an individual. Science, medicine, research and philosophical or educational fields would be the avenues that could be used magnificently.
People with Rahu in Aquarius are naturally good with people. They possess good people skills and are able to attract people because of their charm and personality. Such people are born leaders and possess good leadership qualities. People with Rahu in Aquarius usually inspire others. The only problem is that such people may be filled with pride and may be attached with their position. People with Rahu in Aquarius should consider friendship to be as important as romance. They should treat all people equally as this would open up a world beyond their own interests.
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