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Venus with Other Planets in 1st house

Conjunction of Venus with other planets in 1st house
Venus and Sun
Position of Venus and Sun in the first house of Lal Kitab Kundali is not considered to Auspicious for a person. Combination of sun and Venus form a pretentious Jupiter which can have a negative impact on an individual and woman’s wealth. Wife’s kismet is of no use to an individual and he may never get happiness in his household.
Problems in health and love affairs persist in an individual’s life. A person may always feel constant laziness due which his work life is badly affected. Moreover if Rahu and Ketu start to exert their effect on a person then wife’s health is badly affected and she would be at a high risk of developing mental problems.
Venus and Moon
Presence of Venus and Moon in the first house of a person’s kundali can be harmful for his wife. Wife of such a person can stay ill for long periods of time and her health is badly affected by this combination. Venus and Moon are enemies even though Moon is placed at the highest position in the sign of Venus. Combination of Venus and Moon is similar to combination of milk and mud.
Mother’s and wife’s health would remain a source of problem in this person’s life. Luck would not favor such a person and there would be downfall in financial conditions of such a person.
Venus and Mars
Presence of Venus and Mars in the first house of a kundali can make a person financially stable but by the help of wife or her family. It is predicted that such a person’s in - laws can be rich and they would definitely help the individual to attain financial stability in life. Benefits by children can also be a result of this combination.
Position of Mars and Venus in the first house shall increase a person’s age and such a person is always driven by positivity to achieve his goals. Strong reputation in society is also a result of this combination.
Venus and Mercury
Presence of Venus and Mercury in the first house of Lal Kitab kundali is considered very auspicious for a person. Such a person gets high respect and appreciation from society and government. However, if Venus and Mercury are at unfavorable positions then a person is bound to get disappointing results. A person may also face health related problems.
Since Venus and Mercury are friends they work toward providing good results to an individual. Presence of Venus and Mercury in the first house makes a person creative in the fields of arts, music and poetry but when Mercury and Venus collide with other planet then a person may lose his livestock.
Venus and Jupiter
Presence of Venus and Jupiter in the first house enables a person to gain respect and appreciation in the society but such a person may not be able to get household happiness. A person gets undesirable results when Rahu aspects Venus and Jupiter. Luck of such a person is reduced and his mind can become restless.
Venus and Saturn
Presence of Venus and Saturn in the first house of Lal Kitab kundali and presence of Sun in the seventh house can cause distress and problems in a person’s life. Presence of Mars in the fourth along with this combination can make a person luxuriously trendy and lazy.
Venus and Rahu
Conjunction of Ketu and Rahu in the first house of a kundali can prove to be harmful for a person. If this combination is present in the first house in the kundali of a man then his wife can be predisposed to developing mental illnesses in future. Such an individual would face stress and problems in life due to which a person can develop psychological problems
Mental illnesses can become problematic for an individual and his family. His child may also start to face problems because of this. Health would always be a source of worry for such an individual.
Venus and Ketu
Presence of Venus and Ketu in the first house can cause problems in conceiving a child as first house is Sun’s place where Mars is also placed and these planets are enemies. Stress can also be caused in an individual due to this combination.
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