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Vamtantra Chandal Yoga Puja

Grahan dosh
When in any individuals horoscope sun or moon are in conjunction with rahu or ketu in any house it is known as permanent grahan dosha in ones kundli. Apart from this whenever in the mahadasa of sun and moon the antardasha of rahu or ketu comes and vice versa this period is known as grahan dosha effective period. Rahu & ketu being a shadow planets having great force or effect acts as a mighty ecliptor which decreases the favourable or beneficent influence of planet sun and moon. Person's born near to surya or chandra grahan dates or born on surya or chandra grahan day are required to do grahan dosha puja as suggested by vamtantra.
Surya Grahan dosha
obstacles to achieve their name, fame and rise in thier respective carreer fields. Even the best efforts produces no result or effect and overall growth is stalled. Problems in conceiving children, repeated miscarriages, defective putra yog. Chronic health(heart & skin) ailments of self or children. Facing regular and recurring problems & defamation originating through unknown causes leads to acute frustration.
Chandra Grahan dosha
This dosha creates unnecessary stress and strain, loss of confidence and memory, insenstivity, emotional immaturity, irresponsibility. It also leads to loss in leadership quality, personality disorders and wandering thinking power. Diseases related to breathing problems, chest, lungs, mental depression aggravates during this period. Person imposes self destructive nature in themselves leading to suicidal tendencies. The feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals.
Grahan dosh nivaran tantrik puja
vamtantra conducts grahan dosha shanti tantrik puja to reduce the malefic effects of sun/moon caused by grahan dosha and enhance the benefits of the surya and chandra graha.
Expense for Vamtantra grahan dosh nivaran tantrik puja is Rs11000.
We request you to provide us the birth details for the Puja
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