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Rahu Transiting to Cancer (Karka) Rashi in August 2017

Transit of Rahu in Cancer (Karka Rashi) and Ketu in Capricorn (Makar Rashi) on 28th August 2017
Introduction about Rahu and Ketu
North node of Moon is popularly known as Rahu and south node of Moon called Ketu changes sign on 28th August 2017 at 04:28 am. Here Rahu makes move into a watery sign Karka (Cancer) and Ketu shifts into Makar rashi (Capricorn). Usually both these shadow planets transit through one sign for around one year and six months. Next time both are to change sign on 7th March 2019. On that day Rahu shifts into Mithun rashi (Gemini) and Ketu moves into Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius).
Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde mode. They are not visible but calculated as Nodes of Moon. They do not own any sign in zodiac. Rahu gets exalted in Mithun rashi and Ketu in Dhanu rashi. However, some consider Kanya rashi as exalted sign of Rahu and Meen rashi being sign of exaltation for Ketu. One very valid view is that Rahu becomes exalted in Vrishabh rashi and Ketu becomes exalted in Vrischik rashi. Rahu exhibits characteristic of ruler of the sign it is stationed in. Similarly Ketu imitates role of ruler of the sign it posited in. Rahu resembles with Saturn and Ketu with Mars by knowledgeable. Rahu pushes the native to results of his/her past karma. In this way if you are on wrong side of Rahu, you ought to pay for your deeds/action, no escape from this.
Transit of Rahu through the Kendra sthan is always a notable event. When measuring the effect of Rahu, degrees of the Ascendant in your chart and also that of Rahu need to be taken into consideration. Around those degrees effect of transiting Rahu is more acute. For some reason in Vimshottari Dasha system Rahu major period rules for 18 years. Major period of Ketu rules for 7 years only. Position of Rahu in your chart indicates that you are to have kind of casual approach about things/matters linked with the particularly that house. Rahu can make you feel confident and hence results in kind of casual approach. Ketu is all about remaining in wanting. This means native is to remain in wanting about matters linked with the house where Ketu is stationed. Like if you have Ketu in the fourth house, you may remain in wanting about owing a house.
This could be results of your deeds in past life. Malefic influence of Rahu and Ketu becomes more intense when Saturn is in company. Saturn –Rahu combination or Saturn –Ketu in a birth chart is sure indication of some grief, setback rocking the life. Rahu or Ketu when join or keep company of Jupiter, they reduce the positive benevolent effect of Jupiter to a great extent. Some kind unusual result comes to fore.
Rahu in Karka rashi (Cancer) and Ketu in Makar rashi (Capricorn) is to affect your Moon sign.
Aries (Mesh Rashi)
For you Rahu is to transit through the fourth house and Ketu in the tenth house.
If you incline to relocate, Rahu is to help your cause here. This also suggests supportive time for owing a house. Rahu here does not sound well for your health in general. If you are troubled by irregularity in blood pressure, you need to remain much careful about it. You need to have regular check up to become aware about variations.
Ketu now moving through the tenth house for your sign is indicative of not being comfortable with position in career/occupation. You may feel like changing the assignment. However, position of other planets need to be taken into consideration, if opt for a change. You may be not comfortable with your immediate boss or you may be at discomfort handling the task, you are entrusted with.
Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)
Rahu is to make move through the third house and Ketu in the ninth house for your sign.
Rahu traversing through the third house does not spell well for your sibling and relationship with sibling. Rahu here prompt professional and business person to take risk if needed to enhance prospects in general. Short term travel can bear encouraging results for professional and business person. If Rahu afflicts your natal Sun or Moon, some health issue may catch up with you.
Ketu moves through the ninth house for your sign. The ninth house is linked with luck, fortune among other things. This transit of Ketu may not work well for married one. If other planets are also indicative this transit may lead to separation. Ketu here is to act as obstructive force for your progress. Some kind of setback may be experienced. Try to avoid taking major decision in occupation related matter here.
Gemini (Mithun Rashi)
Rahu is to pass through the second house and Ketu traverses through the eighth house for your Moon sign.
Transit of Rahu can have two different kind of effect, depending upon position of ruler of the second house and that of Rahu in natal chart. If planets in your birth chart are also supportive, you can have huge monetary gain. Otherwise you may experience financial constraints during this transit. You may incline to do things not correct ethically. If your luminary is afflicted by either Rahu or Ketu, avoid temptation and not deviate from ethical practices.
Ketu moving through the eighth house is obviously not a happy proposition. Some health issue may take alarming position and may need surgery to get rid of the issue. Viewing this, do not neglect even a minor looking issue, during this transit. Take due preventive measures to control the issue. A financial setback also has a possibility here.
Cancer  (Karka Rashi)
Rahu transits through your sign here. Ketu moves in the seventh house, in opposition to your sign.
Rahu here can put you in a kind of commanding, leading position on occupational front. You may experience some resistance from people around you. Many a times you may tend to shout loudly to assert your point of view. Try to avoid this tendency and handle resistance if any tactfully. If you have natal Venus coming under influence Rahu you may lend into unsteady relationship with opposite sex. If natal Sun is afflicted, try to avoid taking a plunge in this kind of relationship. Relocation, change in residence has a strong possibility. This seems supportive time for unmarried female to get suitably married.
Ketu passing through the seventh house does not spell well about confirmed relationship. Married one may be at discomfort in relationship with partner for life. However, position of ruler of the seventh house and position of Jupiter in your natal chart can minimize intensity of malefic influence of Ketu. If running business in partnership, keep communication live with business partner. Keep partner in loop about your action plan for achieving higher growth as a confidence building exercise.
Leo (Simha Rashi)
Rahu shifts into the 12th house and Ketu moves into the sixth house for your sign.
Rahu normally is not considered good when transiting through the 12th house. However, it can work otherwise and shower notable monetary gain for the native. Much depends on planet positioned in the 12th house and also that of ruler of the 12th house. Rahu leads you to result in accordance of your past conduct and approach. Like if you were overly assertive about your view and shouted loudly to make a point, you are in for trouble now when Rahu passes through the 12th house. On the other side, if endured resistance during transit of Rahu, now Rahu is to facilitate encouraging gains for you. It is not good to relocate during this transit.
Ketu moving through the sixth house is to let you enjoy good general health. No major health issue is to concern you. Here it seems good time to repay monetary obligation received by you earlier. Ketu transiting through the sixth house is not likely to have any major negative effect for you.
Virgo  (Kanya Rashi)
Rahu now moves through the eleventh house and Ketu in the fifth house for your sign.
The eleventh house is about gains and relationship in general. If ruler of the eleventh house is well placed in your birth chart, good encouraging gains are to accrue here for you. Some issue or other in relationship can bother you here. You need to handle this very much tactfully and use your persuasion skill and resolve the issue amicably.
Ketu now traverses through the fifth house. Parents are likely to remain dissatisfied with progress of the child. For couple eager to have a child may not be favored by Ketu transiting through the fifth house. Student may not be able to remain well focused while studying here. However, position of ruler of the fifth house can affect the results, either way,
Libra (Tula Rashi)
Rahu traverses through the tenth house and Ketu in the fourth house for your sign.
During this transit of Rahu career oriented needs to shoulder more responsibility. Do not shy away from responsibility to improve your future growth prospects. Stick to present assignment and remain committed to do your best. Take orders from higher up in right perspective and focus on improving efficiency level. Do not quit from present assignment here.
Ketu in the fourth house can make you feel uncomfortable handling domestic matters. If you live rented place, you can have difficult time handing demands of owner of the house. You may not enjoy a comfortable time at home here. You are to have a strong urge to break free and enjoy life in your own way. Ketu is to keep you in wanting to enjoy time at home, doing things you like to do.
Scorpio (Vrischik Rashi)
Rahu transits through the ninth house and Ketu moves through the third house for your sign.
Rahu here can lend you in trouble here. Squeeze on inflow of money for you is to make you feel restless. You may go on to borrow money from a friend here. You may then not able to repay the same for a long time. A relocation is on the card here. You may also be keen to relocate to avoid problems, difficulties you experience then. New opportunity is likely to come up. Along with this you may need to accept new challenges as well.
Ketu moving through the third house can lead to kind of multitasking. You need to keep communication live with persons who matters for your progress. Remain sympathetic about needs of sibling here. If you are spiritually inclined you may have some enthralling experiences here. Of course much depends on position of ruler of the third house.
Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)
Now Rahu moves through the eighth house and Ketu through the second house.
Rahu can lead to inevitable loss here. This can be results of your past deeds having casual approach about your financial commitment earlier. Some health issue may trouble you. Take due remedial measures promptly to avoid complications. Here seems good time to follow your spiritual interest.
Ketu passes through the second house. This indicates that you are to remain in wanting to have huge notable monetary gains. Disturbances in family can concern you. Try to bridge gap and use your persuasion skill to maintain harmony in family. However, if ruler of the second house is in good position in natal chart, the damage is to be limited.
Capricorn (Makar Rashi)
Now Ketu transits through your sign and Rahu through the seventh house, in opposition to your sign.
Ketu here is to act as awakening call for you. Self growth and your position on career front are to pinch you hard. You need to pay due attention in this regard for good. Pain in joint can trouble you. Apply effective external measure to subside the pain. You need to be careful about your health in general.
Rahu passing through the seventh house does not spell well for harmony in confirmed relationship. Married one needs to be more accommodative about view of partner for life, in order to maintain peace and harmony in marital life. On positive side, you may get timely help from a stranger here. If doing business in partnership, keep your partner in loop about developments on business front. This transit seems supportive for unmarried female to get married happily.
Aquarius  (Kumbh Rashi)
Ketu traverses through the 12th house and Rahu through the sixth house for your sign.
Ketu in the 12th house is believed to support salvation. In other words you may get rid of all that is unwarranted, undesirable things and relationship as well. This can be painful at times, not physically but on emotion plane. Single may face hindrances in enjoying pleasures of physical intimacy to fullest. Married one may at discomfort about bedroom activities for strange reason.
Rahu passing through the sixth house is to keep career oriented one assured about his/her position in the organization he/she is working for. Avoid useless tussles with people around you. There is a likelihood of monetary loss as result of past actions/deeds. Avoid major financial involvement here. If some health issue catches up with you, diagnosing the cause may become difficult. 
Pisces (Meen Rashi)
Ketu now makes move through the eleventh house and Rahu passes through the fifth house.
Ketu in the eleventh house is considered good for sudden gains. Winning a lottery has a strong possibility here. You may not be comfortable dealing with ones in close relationship. There is a likelihood of some old relationship fading for a logical reason. A kind of mix results for you here.
Rahu passing through the fifth house is to tempt you to take risk to earn more money. You need to refrain from speculation oriented activities. If Moon or Venus is being involved, you may get into undesirable relationship. Take due care on this count. Student doing graduation in science or technology related subject is to make satisfactory progress here.
Useful Remedies for minimizing Malefic effect of Rahu and Ketu 
After viewing malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu, Pavitra Jyotish gives useful suggestions about remedial measure to minimize negative effect.
General Remedies for malefic affect of Rahu
One facing obstacles while moving on road to success, having a healthy financial position and issue in personal life. You need to perform due ritual to get rid of malefic effects and march on road to peace and prosperity. Support of Rahu can also help you in moving ahead on spiritual path.  Pavitra Jyotish caters a fully energized Siddh Rahu Yantra. We will guide you about ritual to follow to keep the Yantra active.
Mantra for Rahu
Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahway Namah
Lord Shiva has control over Rahu. Viewing this performing abhishek over Shiva ling regularly is to help in calming nerves and opens door to prosperity. Recite Mantra “ Om Namah Shivaaya” during Abhishek. Chief Astrologer can guide about details of Abhishek.
Donate sesames (Till), Edible oil, Black colored blanket and blue colored cloth. Give it to either a needy person or in Shiva Temple. Do this on Wednesday and Saturday.
Optional Remedies 
Wear silver as a chain or way suitable to you.
Feed serve a Black dog.
Pay homage to lord Bhairav and Lord Shiva by visiting regularly temple.
Worship Lord Shiva
Wear a fully energized 8 Mukhi Rudraksha
Astro Advice for Rahu Yantra
Betterment in health conditions
Protection from negative influence in life.
Supportive for spiritual development
Healthy financial position
Peace of mind and harmony in personal life.
General Remedies for malefic affect of Ketu
Ketu is measured as planet of denial. Meaning you are to remain wanting about things linked with sign and house Ketu is placed or traversing through.
Pavitra Jyotish caters a fully energized Siddh Ketu Yantra. We will guide you about ritual to follow to keep the Yantra active and benefiting you.
Mantra for Ketu
Om Stram Streem Stroum Sah Ketway Namah
Lord Ganesha has capacity to get rid of negative vibes of Ketu and also provide you with right direction to follow. Worship of Lord Ganesha is a must curb evil designs of Ketu. Contact chief Astrologer Pt. Umesh ji for guidance about way, ritual for worship. You can worship a fully energized Shree Ganesha Yantra by buying the same from Pavitra Jyotish.
Donate seven kind of Grain, Nariyal (Coconut) and Ash colored cloth.
Optional Remedies
Observe a Fast on Thursday
Worship Lord Ganesha
Wear a fully energized 9 Mukhi Rudraksha
Donate multi colored Blanket on Saturday
Astro Advice for Ketu Yantra
Relief from unsteady conditions in career,  Getting right direction to follow, Peace of mind and prosperity, Spiritual growth
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