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Career Tips

Career tips

10th House of a person indicates professional life of a person. The lord of 10th house should be strengthened to get success in profession or business. The Lord of ascendant should also be taken care as he has the most significant role in achieving success in every field of life including career.

A variety of problems in life, but some of the revenue in the present materialistic age is hardly notice. When it comes to finance, completely combine careers. And when not to be the right method of earning experience is bound to the pyre. Notwithstanding the job attached to many careers related queries.

Such as:

When will I get Job? Will I get the job of my choice? Which course to take in my career?   When will I change my Job?   When will I get a raise?  Am I going to be promoted? Is there any person who is trying to ruin my career?   When will the working conditions improve? I am suspended from my job. Will I be reinstated?   I want to get a transfer. Will I get a transfer? Etc. more

Know how to answer your career questions astrology is through.

Let's know Careers by planets:

Sun: authority, politicians, scientists, leaders, directors, government employees, doctors, jewelers

Moon: nursing, the public, women, children, travelling, marine, cooks, restaurants, import/export.

Mars: fire, energy, metals, initiative, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers.

Mercury: intellect, writing, teaching, merchandise, clerks, accountants, editors, transport, astrologers.

Jupiter: finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, psychologist, humanitarian.

Venus: pleasures, luxuries, beauty, art, music, entertainment industry, hotels.

Saturn: real estate, labour, agriculture, building trades, mining, monk.

Rahu: researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation, electricity, waste.

Ketu: idealism, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poisons, metaphysics.

Let's know Careers by houses:

First: self-employment, politics or the public at large, the body (health club).

Second: banking, investments, accountants, restaurants, teaching, consultants, psychologists, writing.

Third: communication, arts, sales, advertising, computing, writing, publishing.

Fourth: agriculture, building trades, real estate, vehicles, water, geology and mining.

Fifth: politics, stockbrokers, religious rituals, entertainment, authorship

Sixth: lawyers, military, police, labour, health related professions, food, waiters.

Seventh: business, trade, merchant, females, foreign business.

Eighth: insurance, research, death-related, metaphysics.

Ninth: law, university teaching, travel, religious professions, foreign countries.

Tenth: government jobs, dealing with public and the masses, managers, politics.

Eleventh: trade and business, accountants, financial institutions, group work.

Twelfth: foreign, jobs requiring secrecy, travels, hospitals, prisons, charities, advocacy.

After we identify the planets and houses, how the overview of the horoscope.

The 10th house is most closely connected with career. Vedic Astrology Readings of first, third and fifth houses are specifically useful to identify the strength and nature of potential inherited in the horoscope.  A strong and well placed first lord; and auspicious influences over the first house blesses the native with self-evaluative capabilities of identify his strength and weaknesses.  On the contrary, the weak and disturbed state of first house and/or its lord may hamper this process; and in that case, the role of parents becomes more important to address this issue as early as possible. To find out the right profession we have to find the dominating planet related to the houses of livelihood like the 10th house, which is considered the most important house. Besides, one's natal chart, the positioning of planets and effects of the continuing dashas and aspects exert a significance influence over one's career, ambitions and success.

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